How to Make a Cream Cheese Pancake, with Berries Compote

Pancakes are not just one of the most beloved breakfast foods. They’re one of the most universally-beloved foods, period.

Granted, pancakes are not like pizza, which, let’s be honest, is probably the most requested delivered food in households, at least here in the states. However…

…if you want to put a dent in your weight loss, most would probably think that neither pizza nor pancakes should be on the menu.

This amazing keto recipe begs to differ.

Below you will find an amazing recipe for a Cream Cheese Pancake, with Berries Compote.

Now, pancakes alone (with a little syrup, of course) are amazing. But adding in berries is just putting heaven on top of heaven.

Then you go and add berries to boot? Now that’s not even close to fair!

With this recipe, your taste buds are going to tap the roof of your mouth just to say “Thaaaaaaaank yoooooooou” in full Dory from ‘Finding Nemo’ whale voice.

So, now that your mouth is watering like Niagara Falls, watch the video below to see how this delectable Cream Cheese Pancake, with Berries Compote dish is made.

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