You really want to know the secret to good health? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

By Contributing Author

Ironically the word “secret” being used in this question does not work in this context because, well, it’s not actually a secret.

One of the biggest problems that people have when it comes to the subject matter of a question such as…

What’s the secret to good health?

…is that them usually asking this question means that they’re attempting to find a way to skirt the work to achieve it.

You see, most people know what they need to do to achieve good health, but they simply don’t want to do it.

So, from childhood through your elderly years, here are the three pieces of the puzzle that lay out a clear and concise blueprint to finally achieving the ultimate level of good health.

1.) MENTAL Health:

When you start working toward a healthy mindset, that mindset will encompass a few things.

And those things will range from relationships with your family all the way to both the setting of your personal goals and the execution of the plan to accomplish them.

So the key to mental health is to prepare and train your mind to be able to be disciplined enough to create and implement several things:

  • General plans for your life
  • How you will interact and treat others on your life’s path
  • What you plan to accomplish in your life, goal-wise
  • And more

Then you need to stick to those things and simply make periodic adjustments when needed. But don’t forget:

Those adjustments are not to completely change your path necessarily, but to, instead, ensure efficiency on that path.

And, in the end, what this will have done is helped to put you in the most powerful, relaxed, Zen-like mental state needed to be able to execute your plans successfully.

2.) FINANCIAL Health:

The importance of financial health is that it allows you to function in life without any additional and/or unnecessary increases in stress levels pertaining to the normal things needed to simply survive day-to-day.

So, the key to financial health is to:

  • Set reasonable financial goals via both a job/career and business
  • Then, once you’re at the job/career, start putting away money in both a savings and an investment account, be it your own or a job-based one
  • Next, start periodically working on the plans for the business on the side, without neglecting your family
  • And finally, let the growth of that business be funded by either your job/career wages via savings or some sort of outside investment, be it investors or sponsors

Now, if you’re weary about outside influences on your business from investors or sponsors, then you probably want to go the make money online route for your business.

That is, by far, the best route to go when building a business today, especially if you don’t have any capital or just want to minimize your expenditures.

3.) PHYSICAL Health:

You want to know the massive importance of physical health?

I always think about what someone told me about the late, great Steve Jobs.

As much of a genius as he was purported to be based on wealth, accomplishments, and public perception, there was one thing for which he would have given all of that up.

His health.

REMEMBER: You only get one body, so the key to its physical health is that you must  treat it like you’d treat a vehicle:

  • Do periodic, scheduled maintenance on it
  • Make sure it’s in the best possible shape it can be, for as long as possible

And you do this by creating and sticking to both a tailor-made exercise regimen and cost-effective, customized meal plans that fit your goals.

But, no matter how great the ‘fuel’ is that you put into your ‘physical vehicle’, remember that it will not work well or survive long without routine health maintenance.

So, Are You Ready to Achieve and Maintain Good Health?

As you can see, the secret to good health is to focus on those three specific things, which are simple and pragmatic ways to achieve it.

So, when you’re ready, use all of the information above to start maximizing your good health.

Just remember:

You will only succeed at it when you’re truly ready to put the work in for it.

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