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One of the biggest problems I have seen doing startup business infrastructure consulting is that people get excited about the end-result possibility of their increased finances…

…but fail miserably when it comes to the infrastructure-building road that comes before every successful venture.

Unfortunately, the area of weight loss seems to be having that same issue as well.

So here are two ways that you can not just maintain, but improve these two important pieces of your life’s puzzle.

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1.) Build a Work-From-Home Business Using a Killer Infrastructure.

As the saying goes, it’s very easy to miss the forest for the trees.

Time and time again I’ve told clients the amount of time it would take them to reach their goal, bare minimum, because the key to their success of a $10,000-per-month year would be the infrastructure on which they built their $10,000-per-month work-from-home business

…and it would just go over their heads because of the blinding amount of dollar signs in their eyes.

Entrepreneurship literally creates billionaires., so talking to them about amazing opportunities for investing in or creating things would get them so excited. However…

…even though I would have multiple conversations with them about the importance of the foundation (i.e. the infrastructure) they would need to create before launching the business, such as…

  • The business name
  • The business email address
  • The business color scheme
  • The business logo
  • The social media handles
  • And more

they would, almost every time, unconsciously push what I said to the side.


Because they would be preoccupied with instantly jumping to a vision of them on a yacht instead of a vision of them in a lab, with a pen and a pad, trying to get their freakin’ business off (yes, I got that from the legendary music producer Dr. Dre Lol).

TRANSLATION: Whirlpool® and Orville Redenbacher® would be so proud of that microwave mentality that would quickly pop up in their minds (You all see what I did there? How could you not see it? I literally put it in italic for you Lol).

In all seriousness, though, this type of mindset is a serious problem because it’s not just something that I found to be an issue in them starting a business and building its initial infrastructure.

It’s also something that I found in them building and maintaining the infrastructure of the most important building we all have:

Our bodies.

2.) What Enters Your Body Is Key to Losing Weight, Not Working Out.

When you make a ton of money, especially through growing a business entrepreneurially, it allows you increased freedom and perks.

It allows you to travel more. It allows you to rest more. Heck, it allows you to both travel and rest simultaneously!

But making that level of money is not easy, and I believe that most people, if even just 51%, know that to be true. However…

…when it comes to getting in shape and taking care of these wonderful bodies we call our ‘temple’, people, especially females (let’s be honest, looks affect their lives way more than they do Men), tend to look for quick ways to reach their body goals, be they weight loss-based, fitness-based, or both.

But here’s the thing:

There are no ‘quick ways’.

There are, however, quicker ways (notice the ‘er’ on the end).

You see, what keeps weight down is not primarily exercise. It’s principally what you put into your body, mainly food and fat-burning supplements.

NOTE: I had to specify food because some of you all will use marijuana as your prime weight loss plan Lol.

And, outside of turning it into a brownie or something, marijuana is not a food source either, so stop it Lol.

To help you understand how important the food you put into your body (and how much) is for controlling weight loss…

…let’s take an example of both a workout regimen and ‘meal plan’ (if you can even call what I’m about to say that).

Now, you can exercise twice a day, mainly cardio the first workout and weights the second. However…

…if you’re eating Krispy Kreme® donuts and Hostess® HoHos® everyday, then you’d better hope and pray to God that you don’t somehow get an injury.


Because the chain reaction of that injury will definitely land you the the next non-coveted subject-matter spot on ‘My 600-lb Life’.

However, if you’re eating extremely-balanced and customized meals, especially high fat-burning meals like what keto meal plans do…

…then you can work out less and be in even better shape, weight-loss-wise, and even have periodic cheat days.

Yes, it’s Ok to have periodic cheat days. Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a cheat day Lol.

Ready to Start? Then It’s Time to Level Up!

So, as you can see, from starting and building a business in real life all the way to training your body to work for you in your quest to be the best-looking and healthiest you…

…it would pay great dividends for you to start doing the two above-stated, extremely important things today.

But hey. If you want to try and find one of the ‘quick ways’ (notice the ‘er’ is missing) to get to places most will never reach instead of following solid plans…

…then by all means, go ahead and search for your White Whale or Davey Jones’ locker, with your bad self (cue Jack Sparrow from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie franchise Lol).

Maybe you will accomplish the impossible. Who knows, right?


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