Two Carats -or- Two Carrots? The Amazing Benefits of Carrots (Volume 1)

Bugs Bunny® thinks we stole his dinner.

We didn’t. Not technically Lol.

In all seriousness, though, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but those carats don’t have anything on these carrots.

As we are all aware, fruits and vegetables can do wonders for the human body. However…

…they are also nature’s personal chef. And by nature, I mean animals.

Extremely nutritious foods like carrots are grown in so many places around the world.

And humans, animals, and insects eat them, particularly bunnies.

See, bunnies actually live in the ground in burrows that they dig.

And, since we grow carrots in and pull them out of the ground, I guess Bugs Bunny® has a legitimate claim to the merchandise Lol.

The thing is, the modern carrot is primarily orange, but that’s not how they originated, at least not from human discovery.

The original carrots that were domesticated in Central Asia ca. 900 CE were not orange, but, instead, purple and yellow.

Fascinating, right?

Well, something else that’s fascinating is this video below that tells all about some of the amazing benefits of eating carrots.

So watch it now, then go here to access amazing resources, including additional nutrient-rich foods, delicious recipes, and more, that will aid tremendously in your weight loss and healthy lifestyle journeys!

Source: Carrot Museum (United Kingdom)

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